together with our clients we design the future

Every organization has the potential to grow and improve its results. And often there is potential. At Wiericke, our heart beats faster when we talk with ambitious people or organizations.

We have developed an efficient method to prepare a clear strategy that can be shared in the organization ensuring it is supported by everyone. Together, we structure your knowledge of your product or service, the industry and your organization to develop the story of your strategy.

We help you with your strategy by bringing structure and focus in the implementation process so that your organization can turn ambition into reality.

about Wiericke Strategie

The consultants of Wiericke have a passion for ambitious organizations and are energized by working on your strategy with you.

our approach

We are aware that we can be experts in every industry. But we don’t prepare the strategy for, but with you. We manage the process and provide focus in the discussions. During several workshops the different parts of the strategy map are completed. We ensure the use of clear definitions, demarcation of discussions and notes and the strategy will materialize step-by-step.

A good strategy

  • provides direction to the organization
  • motivates employees
  • gives a clear path to success
  • is a tool to evaluate the organization

strategy map

The strategy map is a visual representation of the strategy. It is an important tool in the preparation of the strategy but also in the translation of the strategy into action. The strength of the strategy map is visualizing the interrelations between the different components of the strategy. It clearly outlines the focus areas that are vital in achieving the strategic ambitions.


The strategy map enables management to clearly communicate the highlights of the strategy. It is a powerful tool to communicate how employees contribute in the achievement of the organization’s strategic goals.


Preparing a concrete strategy is just the beginning. Only after communicating the strategy to employees and true implementation of the strategy in the organization, the strategy will show its full potential. However, the implementation process can be very difficult as it is a project run on top of normal operations. We can help with that. Together with you we will prepare a step-by-step plan and will make sure that the strategy implementation receives the attention it deserves.